The utilities industry is undergoing major transformation as several new technologies available in the market can be effectively used to enhance the operational efficiencies, reduce down time and enhance the ability to respond to the natural disasters rapidly and effectively.

Centillion, with its in-depth experience in applying smart technologies innovatively, provides a suite of value-added solutions to our customers. With the use of new generation digital data collection technologies like Lidar and drone-based data collection, Centillion offers innovative solutions for vegetation management, asset data collection and transmission line inspection.


Data Services:

  • Asset Data management
  • Asset Data migration/conflation
  • Positional accuracy improvement
  • Legacy to New spatial database
  • Data Validation
  • Land base updates
  • Engineering Design and drafting
  • Redlines / Asbuilt updating

Outside Plant Services :

  • Desktop Survey
  • Field Survey / Field Walkouts
  • Substation designs
  • Transmission/Distribution network designs
  • Fiber designs
  • Permit preparation
  • Pole audits/inspections
  • Pole Loading Analysis
  • As Built Updates
  • Vegetation management
  • Transmission lines inspection

Technology experts in :

  • Spatial with ERP,
  • SCADA,
  • UNAP

Asset data Platforms:

  • ESRI - ArcGIS, ArcMap
  • Arc FM
  • Smallworld
  • MicroStation
  • AutoCAD