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Transforming Telecom Horizons

For over 16 years, Centillion Solutions has been a trusted global provider of engineering services to Telecom and Cable TV MSOs worldwide. With a strong presence in the United States, Australia, Europe, and India, we’ve played a pivotal role in expanding global telecommunications networks, ushering in an era of high-speed internet.

Innovation is in our DNA. Our use of LiDAR technology has revolutionized Fiber network survey and design. Our engineering excellence is reflected in PMBOK management style and our 4P-2Ts strategy encompassing People, Process, Product, Performance, Technology, and Tools, which ensures impeccable client servicing throughout the design process.

Our mission is to equip service providers with the best tools to design the most challenging fiber optic projects efficiently. With global delivery centers in India and operational centers in USA, Europe and Australia, we deliver cutting-edge complex telecom solutions.