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In addition to providing critical end to end support for the expansion of Telecom Networks, Centillion Solutions provides data to Utility Companies to help them upgrade into the smart system age. Centillion’s smart technologies include Artificial intelligence-based Vegetation management, Robotic process automation, Lidar based Mobile mapping and Drone survey tools.

With the advancement of smart technologies like IOT, SCADA, Smart Grid, and Digital Twin, Utilities greatly benefit by transitioning to automation. Smart Grids are revolutionizing the distribution of water and power in cities across the world, allowing for better distribution of vital resources, with less waste, minimized pollution and less carbon emissions.

 Leaking gas lines, inefficient or broken power lines, dilapidated water pipes and other problems plaguing utilities can be spotted and fixed quickly with such smart grid technologies. Centillion Solutions is helping to implement such systems by providing key data to major utility providers across the world.

With its fleet of LiDAR vehicles and drones, along with its custom designed technology and AI solutions, Centillion is fully equipped to take Utilities into the age of automation. Centillion’s LiDAR survey can also detect threats posed to utility infrastructure such as dying trees, areas prone to flood runoff and erosion, and areas most susceptible to catching fire. Whether analyzing the Utility infrastructure itself, or the obstacles and threats posed by the surrounding environment, Centillion is ready to help Utilities take that next step in optimizing their resource distribution.