Regulatory Authorities

Centillion Solutions serving Regulatory Authorities across the globe for the last 14 years with teams in USA, Australia, Germany and India and providing high quality reliable services.

Rapid growth is happening across all major sectors like Real estate, Telecom, Utilities etc. Regulatory Authorities are experiencing high volume of applications requesting permits for construction of new subdivisions, Highways, Road network, Fiber Network, Wireless cell sites including 5G small cells, new Power, Water and Gas line construction like never before.

Centillion has advanced solutions to digitalize end to end permit inspection / approval process enabled with high quality positionally accurate measurable geo spatial data collected through the highly advanced Ground based and Drone based Lidar and Imagery data collection tools. Centillion can provide the cloud based highly accurate Lidar and High-resolution Image data for entire county/state within short time to Permit application and approval decision making process very easy from the comfort of the office. Centillion also offers solutions to our customers to manage their CAMA system (Deed processing to Tax roll management) Bill collections, Code enforcement, Land Development, Mobile application management.

High quality, proven technology, on-time delivery, PMBOK approach in project management, hybrid delivery model and innovative solutions have propelled Centillion into a position as a global specialist in Geo spatial data. Our successful 4P-2Ts strategy (People, Process, Product, Performance, Technology and Tools) has made us a reliable partner for Regulatory Authorities across US in managing their operations efficiently by using 100% digital corridor maps.

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