Geo Spatial Services

Good quality data is the key for effective operations of any organization. Efficiency of automation and effective implementation of new emerging Smart and Intelligent technologies in every industry depends on the reliable high quality data that feeds into the systems. Further Geo spatial accuracy of the assets is playing vital role in optimization and effective management of assets across the industries.

Centillion, with its in-depth experience in Data management and data analytics can help improve the quality of the data and make it ready to be used in the next generation Smart technologies to enable them to function effectively and deliver the intended results. With smart Lidar/Drone tools, Centillion can deliver high accuracy geospatial data for various industry needs.


  • High accuracy Geo Spatial data
  • Data Quality improvement
  • Digital Mapping - Street/Navigation maps
  • Land-use & Land base mapping
  • Contour mapping
  • GIS Data conversion, migration & maintenance
  • Legacy Data/PLRs Conversion
  • LiDAR Data Processing Services
  • Topographical mapping
  • Cadastral Mapping
  • Municipal GIS, Survey
  • Implement, migrate & modernize spatial & mobile data solutions
  • Data Conflation for Accuracy Improvement
  • Custom GIS Application Development