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Charting a Digital Frontier with GeoSpatial Excellence

Centillion’s guiding principle is that top-tier data forms the bedrock of operational excellence. We’re dedicated to delivering dependable, high-quality geospatial data that effortlessly integrates with cutting-edge Smart technologies across various sectors. With a fleet of advanced Lidar and drone technologies at our disposal, we provide meticulously accurate geospatial data tailored to the unique needs of the Telecom, Utility, Energy, and Construction industries. Our mission is to empower you with data snapshots of the world around us, simplifying measurement and design with the ease of a mouse click.


  • High accuracy Geo Spatial data​
  • Data Quality improvement​
  • Digital Mapping – Street/Navigation maps​
  • Land-use & Land base mapping​
  • Contour mapping​
  • GIS Data conversion, migration & maintenance​
  • Legacy Data/PLRs Conversion​
  • LiDAR Data Processing Services​
  • Topographical mapping​
  • Cadastral Mapping​
  • Municipal GIS, Survey​
  • Implement, migrate & modernize spatial & mobile data solutions​
  • Data Conflation for Accuracy Improvement​
  • Custom GIS Application Development