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Reliable partner in Engineering

Founded in 2007 by seasoned professionals from the Telecom & Utility industries to provide exceptional engineering, design, and geospatial solutions. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with operations in Europe, Australia, and India, Centillion Solutions serves as a reliable partner for major Telecom, Utility and Government agencies.

Utilizing the latest LiDAR, robotics, and AI technologies, Centillion offers survey & engineering services which yield exceptional designs with quick turnarounds. Our laser focus on delivering high quality survey & designs on an expedited timeline elevates us above our competitors and ensures successful fulfillment on all the customer’s critical SLA’s.

Centillion’s hybrid On-Site / Off-Shore workflow delivers excellent cost optimization, stand-alone scalability, along with 24/7 support for all phases of engineering design.

Why Centillion

Typical Engineering, design, and construction projects suffer from low productivity, aggressive ramp-ups, and low margins. Centillion can help address these problems by utilizing enhanced onsite-offshore model, customized software and hardware, and a team of top-notch engineers to expedite the design process. Our speed is matched with our ability to deliver high-quality designs at affordable prices. Our entire suite of services is designed to increase profitability by seamlessly integrating Mobile LiDAR surveys with our engineering designs.

  • 800+ experienced engineers, executives, and field technicians
  • On-Site / Off-Shore hybrid workflow for cost optimization
  • Expedited design, engineering and permitting process
  • Custom built software and hardware to enhance Telecom engineering
  • Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia, USA with offshore Center in India