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For the past 14 years, Centillion Solutions has provided key engineering services to major Telecom companies and Cable TV MSOs across the globe. With offices in The United States, Australia, Europe and India, Centillion performs critical work to expand telecommunications networks in every continent.

The demand for high speed internet continues to increase. With cities moving toward smart technology for power, water and other utilities, factories turning their operations over to automated systems, and homeowners needing high speed broad band to stream their favorite movies and tv shows, the opportunities for Telecom are endless.

Telecom providers are marshalling all their resources to build out 5G networks, and construct earth-moving fiber optic cable expansion programs. Adding to the mass infrastructure push, is the FCC’s program the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) which provides funding to connect rural America with high-speed broadband internet for the next 10 years. Centillion is at the forefront of this expansion, working every day to bring high speed internet to more and more people across the world.

High quality design, proven technology, on-time delivery, PMBOK approach in project management, hybrid delivery model and innovative solutions have propelled Centillion into a position as a global specialist in telecommunications network planning and designing. Our successful 4P-2Ts strategy (People, Process, Product, Performance, Technology and Tools) has made us a reliable partner for Telecom service providers and MSOs in implementing their Network expansion, upgrade and maintenance programs.