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Transforming Field Data Collection with Cutting Edge LiDAR Technology

With the latest advancements in LiDAR technology, Centillion has pioneered cutting-edge LiDAR solutions including Mobile Mapping and Ropoli, a portable LiDAR system, to enhance the field data collection. Our system effortlessly delivers inch-specific point cloud data for aerial coaxial and fiber routes, overlaid with high-resolution images, for ultra-precise measurements.


  • Rapid field data collection​
  • 30 to 40 MPH collection rate​
  • Seamless training for data collection operators. ​
  • Works in most field conditions/weather​
  • 150 feet of range on each side of vehicle​
  • Accuracy to within +/- 1 inch
  • Evaluate true field conditions from the back office​
  • A one person operation, cutting valuable man hours.
  • No missed measurements or features​
  • Eliminate additional costly trips to the field​
  • Digital twin storage for reusable data.
  • Actionable point cloud data at your fingertips for top quality engineering.
  • Expedited turnaround time for field data collection.​


  • Field Survey Data for Engineering design
  • Corridor Survey & Mapping​
  • Filed Data for regulatory compliances​
  • Field Data for Permit application processing​
  • Asset Mapping​
  • 3D Visualizations & Walk through/Fly through​
  • 3D Contour Modelling & Simulation
  • 2D/3D Topographic feature maps​
  • 3D Data sets (DTM, DEM, DSM)​
  • Data for Vegetation management​
  • Data for Construction progress monitoring

Industries Served:

  • Communications​
  • Utilities​
  • HDOT/Transport Agencies​
  • Railways​
  • Local government Agencies​
  • Agriculture​
  • Construction