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Centillion is an assemblage of multifaceted Engineers trusted by organizations world over with providing superior service, business-valued technology solutions, and highly competent consultant resources.

Centillion’s Engineering Services enabled clients in achieving their business objectives with efficient decision making, thereby streamlining their core functionality & taking their vision forward.

Our global foot-print is supported by strong delivery teams in USA & India, offering a variety of engagement models to fulfil clients’ needs. Integrity, commitment, collaborative approach, agility, willingness to challenge & innovate are our core values that help deliver superior solutions.


Centillion leverages its wide range of services to cater to diverse industries, and is proud to be associated with numerous esteemed organizations across the globe, thereby helping them achieve expansion goals and quicker time to market.

Telecom Engineering


Plan & Design

  • HFC Design, Lode Data
  • VDSL, xDSL, Copper
  • Wireline & Wireless


  • Green Field, Brown Field
  • MDU, SDU, Commercial
  • Permit Drawings, Asbuilts
  • Splice Matrix & Lightpath
  • Backbone, Access & Last mile
  • Landbase creation
  • Desktop Survey & Field Survey

CAD/GIS Platforms

  • ESRI - ArcGIS, ArcMap
  • Network Engineer
  • Smallworld
  • SpatialNet
  • Microstation, V8i
  • AutoCAD, @Mapp, OptiNet

Geospatial Mapping

Centillion provides an array of Geospatial services like Landbase Mapping, Utility Mapping, Navigational Mapping, Location-based Services, etc.

The offerings include creation, development and managing geospatial databases, detailed GIS mapping analysis in the areas of Street Navigation, Utility mapping and Telecommunications.

Our services:

  • Satellite imagery processing
  • Digitization of roads using Aerial or Satellite imagery
  • Capturing of Street Names and Addresses
  • Rail and road network updating
  • POI capture with all associated attributes
  • Digital mapping
  • Land-use and landbase mapping
  • Utility Mapping for Telecom, Electrical, etc.

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

HVAC Designs

  • Drafting of HVAC systems
  • Developing shop drawing
  • Schematic drawing
  • Estimations and Bill of Quantities

Firefighting & Plumbing Designs

  • Drafting of firefighting systems
  • Drafting of Spinkler & Hose reel drawings
  • Schematic & Isometric drawing
  • Estimations and Bill of Quantities

Electrical Designs

  • Power, lighting, telephone, security systems & fire alarm
  • Cable schedules
  • Fire alarm system designs
  • Schematic drawings

Building Information Modeling

  • Creation of 3D revit models from 2D drawings
  • Coordination among all MEP services
  • Clash detecting and coordination in Navisworks
  • Extraction of drawings from 3D models
  • Extraction of Bill of Quatities from revit

Mechanical Designing

  • New Product Development
  • Reverse Engineering
  • 2D to 3D Modelling and Detailing
  • Vectorization (Paper to Digital)
  • Preparation of Process Planning & Process Layout

Paperless Survey


  • Automated field data collection
  • Assist in preparing engineering drawing
  • Designer can visualize site conditions
  • Input to AutoCAD & GIS platforms
  • Integrate GNSS receiver
  • Customize legends & icons
  • Quick & accurate survey
  • Export data in XML format
  • Audio, Video & Photos
  • PDF/Google map background


  • Cost saving
  • Faster survey
  • Enhance quality & accuracy
  • Minimize re-survey
  • Instant sharing of survey data
  • Paperless & Eco-friendly

Utilities Electrical / Gas / Water

Data Capture

  • Landbase Creation
  • Design and drafting of New Subdivisions
  • Redlines updation
  • Legacy Hard Copies to Spatial database

Data Migration

  • Positional accuracy information
  • Legacy to New spatial database
  • Data Validation

Data Integration & Application

  • Spatial with ERP, SCADA, SINCAL
  • Dial before you dig
  • Work package for field mobility

CAD/GIS Platforms

  • ESRI - ArcGIS, ArcMap
  • Network Engineer
  • Smallworld
  • SpatialNet
  • Microstation
  • AutoCAD


  • Point Cloud Data processing
  • Mobile Laser Data Capturing
  • Data registration and Post processing
  • Lidar Classification and feature extraction
  • 3D Laser Scanning data to 2D or 3D modelling



  • Innovative and customized solutions
  • Onsite, Offshore and Hybrid model
  • Highly scalable and quick ramp up
  • In-house Software development team
  • LISP, C, C#, Java, Android, .NET


Centillion has an array of products to support field engineers, both at the survey & construction stages.

Paperless Field Survey (PFS)

PFS is a next generation digital field survey tool developed by Centillion aimed at minimizing surveyor’s paperwork, time, cost & iterations; maximizing quality & accuracy.
PFS can be delivered ‘off the shelf’ or can be customized based on user's requirement.

Features of the product:

  • Automated field data collection
  • Assistance in preparing engineering drawings
  • Ability to visualize site conditions
  • Input to AutoCAD & GIS Platforms
  • Integration with GNSS receiver
  • Customization of legends & icons
  • Quick & Accurate Survey
  • Export data in XML format
  • Append Audio, Video & Photo files
  • PDF/Google Map background
  • Multi-lingual interface


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About Centillion

Centillion Solutions is a leading Engineering and Software Development company, specialized in Telecom and Utility domains. Our proven ability to deliver innovative and cutting-edge solutions is backed by the domain experts.  Centillion Application Development division offers its clients a great capability to manage their existing and new applications, aimed at productivity and profitability. Centillion IT Professional Services follow a well-defined and matured Development process that ensures a guaranteed Quality product to the Client.

Centillion has aligned its products and services to help service providers, handle simple to complex fibre optic projects efficiently and economically. Our successful 4P-2Ts strategy (People, Process, Product, Performance, Technology and Tools) has made us a reliable communications partner for Telecom and Utilities industries. We operate from two global delivery centres of US and India. The company has to its credit, implementation of a number of turnkey projects for various power utility companies, delivered most economically, timely and efficiently.